Custom Cover Art

Design from a blank slate with CAM Designers to bring your vision to life.

We will design a professional custom cover just for your requirements. No hassle refund, if you are not happy. Scroll to see how custom covers work.

Custom Cover Examples

Custom Covers by Designer

Custom Cover by CAM
Custom Cover - By Nonmig3008
Custom Cover by Sidxou
Custom Cover by Deweezy
Custom Cover by AlienZone
Custom Cover Art by charliellp
Custom Cover By Qadir Designz
Custom Cover Art by Hardzgn
Custom Cover by 4isintu
Custom Cover by CoverArtXBoy
Custom Cover by GumGFX
Custom Cartoon Cover by RoniTheDesigner

How CAM Custom Covers Works

  1. Place Order.  Purchase a custom cover from CAM or a CAM Designer.

  2. Email CAM.  Email with the below information.
    • Order Number
    • Release Date, When Do You Need the Cover Completed
    • Song Name
    • Artist Name
    • Producer Name or Label Name (optional) 
    • Parental Advisory Yes or No
    • Attach Pictures(s) Song, Logo 
    • Cover Design Concept, your vision for the cover including background, scene, objects, colors, fonts, picture(s), etc. The more details the better.

  3. Cover Concept Review. Based on your design concept, optionally CAM will schedule a cover concept call/Text/DM/Email to further define your requirements.
    • Based on the cover concept review and your requirements, the custom cover price may be adjusted.
    • If you agree to the adjusted price, purchase the additional fees here.
    • If you do not agree to the additional price, the original order will be refunded.

  4. Custom Cover Delivered. Your custom cover will be delivered within five (5) business days. Note: We have never had more than two (2) revisions for a custom cover. If you are not happy with the custom cover after the second revision, we will continue to work with you to make you happy, or you can request and CAM will issue a 100% refund.