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MRFEKSS - Recording Artist Listen Here

It’s honestly mad what you guys have set up connecting artist and all that, I love to see it! Whenever I need a cover I know where to go!

Submitted Dec 19 2022

IAMBLACKROYAL - Recording Artist Listen Here

My experience with CAM was great! We're dropping next week. Definitely will be buying more from your site!

Submitted Dec 14 2022

Clutch - Recording Artist Listen Here

My experience with CoverArtMarket was great! Thank you guys very much! Definitely will continue to use this service for my Cover Art needs!

Submitted Dec 12 2022

HUSH - Recording Artist Listen Here

I've purchased cover art from you guys for a while now and I'm a big fan of how easy it is and how much art there is too choose from!

Submitted Dec 8 2022

InkWhore333- Recording Artist Listen Here

Thank you so much, experience was amazing, I got my 4 covers in hours! Way faster than I even expected!! Thank you guys so much.

Submitted Dec 9 2022

ForeignKidEmil - Recording Artist Listen Here

I have to say the cover I received is top standard. The experience and the delivery was amazing! Thank you so much , I look forward to workin in future

Submitted Dec 10 2022

FTK Renzo - Recording Artist Listen Here

I fuck with the cover heavy, definitely going to use this site in the future!

Submitted Dec 12 2022

ANTI ASH - Recording Artist Listen Here

Very happy with the service, fast delivery time and even had a good experience with customer service after having a slight issue with payment that was resolved!

Submitted Nov 15 2022

HOLLYWOOD TY - Recording Artist Listen Here

- Loved the service! Really fast turn-around by the artist too which I appreciate!

Submitted Nov 17 2022

YATES - Recording Artist Listen Here

Everything turned out amazing! thanks to the team for following up & making sure everything went okay! I'll 100% be using you guys again!

Submitted Nov 27 2022

KILENDWOLF - Recording Artist Listen Here

The process was smooth and easy, plus a very good turn-around time.

Submitted Nov 22 2022

KODOKUSHI - Recording Artist Listen Here

I like my cover art. Been a customer for 4 years and don’t plan on stopping, keep up the good work guys! And thanks so much for your customer support always on point.

Submitted Nov 24 2022

 J. SWITAY - Recording Artist Listen Here

Everything went smoothly! I’m planning on dropping a lot of tracks this year so I’m sure I’ll be back for more!

Submitted Nov 28 2022

SWANKE - Recording Artist, Listen here

"I have purchased several covers from Cover Art Market, CAM has dope, diverse covers, now with the Cover Discovery Engine™, I can find covers faster and focus more time on promotion and getting my music noticed"


LOBOSE - Recording Artist, Listen here

“Before finding Cover Art Market, I tried 2 other options- one who attempted to scam me, and another that simply wasn't able to meet my level of expectation (no shade), I'm just big on presentation. I purchased a custom cover and CAM nailed it on the first revision with exactly what I was looking.  Not only did I get a great cover but CAM was very professional and responsive to work with.  If you are looking for a custom cover art I highly recommend Cover Art Market”. 

JAY THE VILLAIN - Graphic Designer

"CAM has been a great experience from the beginning. The CAM team has been easy and fun to work with too, my covers get promoted, sold and I get paid quickly with no hassles. Feels like a family where we’re all working together. I highly recommend joining the team if you want to sell more covers."

JANIGRAPHGraphic Designer

"The CAM team has really helped me to become a better artist for Cover Art and in general I have improved my skills as a designer/artist since I began working with CAM.  Best of all I am getting paid for my work."