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What is Cover Art Market (CAM)

CAM is a marketplace to buy and sell premade album cover art, providing transparency in artwork, price, and delivery, allowing you to "See Before You Buy".

We offer thousands of exclusive professional pre-made cover designs created by hundreds of independent graphic designers worldwide. All covers meet CAM cover specifications, are exclusive designs sold just once, and are delivered within 24 hours and ready for streaming.

Also, we offer other products and services around cover art, including Motion Cover Upgrades, Spotify Canvas, Custom Covers, Promotion Ads, Lyric Videos and more. 

Cover Art Market is privately held company located in the United States of America. 

Why do you need Cover Art?

In the music streaming era, you need cover art for every single and album you release and upload to streaming services. Not only does the artwork need to look awesome, but it also has to meet the specifications of streaming platforms. Cover art serves as a portal into what the listener can expect and even the recording artist behind the artwork. Cover art is your song's first impression. Amazing cover art can be the difference between your song being played or the listener hitting next.

What is a Pre-Made Cover?

Pre-made covers are single, or album covers already designed and created by a CAM Designer. Pre-made covers provide the benefits of seeing the cover before you buy, are less expensive than traditional custom cover designs, and are delivered fast. All CAM pre-made covers are exclusive 1 of 1 covers and sold once. Once purchased, the CAM Designer adds Song Title, Artist Name, and other items, such as label, producer, and parental advisory. When your cover is completed, you will receive an email your cover is ready to be downloaded from CAM. CAM Covers are  3000 x 3000 pixels JPG files.

What is a Motion Cover?

Motion covers are an animated 30-second clip of your regular cover and can be extended for the length of your song.  Some Designers offer motion as an option.  When you tap/click on a cover, you may have the option to purchase the regular cover or the motion plus regular cover. When you purchase a motion cover, you will receive both the regular cover (.JPEG) and the motion cover (.MP4).

What is a Spotify Canvas? 

Spotify Canvas is a 3-8-second looping animated visual of your cover art that shows in vertical format (9:16) and is delivered as an MP4 file for Spotify.  According to Spotify, when listeners see a Canvas Song, 5% are more likely to keep listening, 145% share the track, 20% add to their playlists.  As well as artists with fewer than 1000 followers who use the Canvas see an average 80% more streams and saves.

Your Canvas reaches fans beyond Spotify, too. When you or a listener shares your track from the Spotify app to Instagram Stories, your Canvas will loop in the background of the Story — along with track details and a link back for fans to 'Play on Spotify'.

What is a Custom Cover?

Custom covers are the traditional way of procuring cover art, designed and created from a blank slate with a CAM Designer. Custom covers provide the benefit of designing the cover exactly the way you want, with the option to include your picture, photo, or artwork, as well as other design elements just the way you want.

What are Upload Photo Covers?

Upload photos are covers designed for you to add your photo to the cover. Upload photo covers is a cost-effective way to add your image to cover art, making each cover unique to your photo. Upload photo covers are template designs that are sold multiple times.

What are CAM Cover specifications?

CAM Cover Specifications are a set of guidelines to ensure covers are exclusive original designs ready for streaming. Among other things, it includes 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG format, and copyright free.  All Designer Covers are required to meet CAM Cover Specifications. It is the responsibility of the Designer to make sure their covers meet CAM specifications.

How to find the perfect Cover?

Use the "Search-Filter-Sort" page. Select options from several categories, including Price, Cover Type, Color, Object, Genre, Mood, or enter a search term(s) like 'red gun hiphop'. Then, in real-time see the results that meet your criteria, where you can select a cover to purchase or choose to show more results or change your selections.  WATCH VIDEO - HOW TO FIND YOUR PERFECT COVER FAST

How often are new Covers added?


How does it work? How to buy?

1. Select a cover design

2. Add to cart and fill out cover details including song title, artist name, parental advisory, etc.

3. Add to cart, optionally choose an add-on product like a promotion ad

4. Go to the cart and checkout

5. You will receive an order confirmation email

6. Next you will receive the 'cover Is ready for download' email

7. Log into your CAM account and download your cover. 

How much does Cover Art cost?

Cover Art is priced by the CAM Designer. Pre-Made Album Cover Art start at $20. Custom Covers start at $115.  There is a $3.99 processing fee applied to each order.

How will I receive my Cover?

Covers are downloaded from your CAM account.  You will receive an email when the Designer has added your song title, artist name, etc. to your cover.  Regular cover art is 3000x3000 pixels and delivered in a .JPG format. Motion covers are delivered in .MP4 format.

What is the delivery time?

Most orders are delivered within 12 hours.  Our delivery commitment times are below.

 - Regular Covers (.JPEG) within 24 hours.

 - Motion Covers (.MP4) within 2 business days.

 - Spotify Canvas (.MP4) within 2 business days.

 - Custom Covers within 5 business days.

 - Add-On Products like Promotion Ads and Track Lists within 2 business days.

 - Cover Based Lyric Videos within 2 business days.

 - Standard Lyric Video within 5 business days.

 - Premium Lyric Video within 5-7 business days.

Note that cover delivery times rely on independent Designers worldwide and may vary. If your order has NOT been delivered within the timeframes above from an 'available' Designer, you can request and receive a refund and cancelation by contacting support@coverartmarkert.com

Can I get a rush delivery?

Maybe. In the 'other' section of the order form, request a rush/immediate delivery, and we will expedite your order to get it to you as fast as possible. Our fastest delivery time to date was 55 minutes! We won’t always be able to deliver that fast, but we will try. 

Can I buy the artwork Only?


Can I request a change to the Cover?

Yes. Most CAM Designers allow for some minor changes. In the "other" section of your order form, describe what you would like to change, like font color or size. The changes are up to the CAM Designer to accept and implement and are not guaranteed to be added.

Can I use my own picture or photo?

Yes. Two options 1- custom cover, a lot of our custom customers have photo(s) of the recording artist or 2- Upload Photo(s) covers, which are covers designed around adding your photo to the cover.  See Upload Photo Covers.  Upload photo covers are less ex[pensive and delivered fast.

How many times is each Cover sold?

Just once!

Is the artwork original?

Yes. Covers are designed by independent freelance Graphic Designers and are, to the best of our knowledge, original and copyright-free. It is the responsibility of the Designer to make sure their covers meet CAM specifications, including, among other things, whether their cover art infringes any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights, rights of publicity, or privacy, or moral rights.  CAM is not responsible for artwork that may include copyrighted or un-original artwork sold by Designers on coverartmarket.com.

Do I own the rights to the Cover?

Yes. When you buy a Cover, you own all the rights. CAM reserves the right to use the cover in promotions unless otherwise requested.

What format is Cover Art delivered?

Regular cover art is 3000x3000 pixels and delivered via email in a .JPG format. 100% ready for streaming services! Motion covers delivered in .MP4 format.

I did not receive my 'Cover Is Ready For Download' email?

Check the junk folder. If you do not see your 'Cover Is Ready For Download' email, contact us at support@coverartmarket.com.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if you are unhappy, email us within 24 hours of delivery at support@coverartmarket.com with your order# and request a refund to the payment used or credit towards the purchase of another product. The $3.99 processing fee is not refundable. Premade cover refund requests after 24 hours of delivery are credit only. Refunded covers are put back up for sale. As part of the refund terms, you must delete the completed cover and are not authorized to use the completed cover for any purpose.

Can you print my Cover?