Cover Art Market Releases its Cover Discovery Engine™ Empowering Musicians to Find the Perfect Cover Art Fast 

Cover Art Market is making Cover Art Fast, Easy, and Affordable

/PRNewswire/ --  Cover Art Market LLC today announces the release of its Cover Discovery Engine™ empowering Musicians to find the perfect cover fast. Cover Art Market (CAM) is changing how cover art is discovered and purchased by providing a platform for Musicians to buy cover art from Artists around the world.

The CAM platform has grown quickly to hundreds of pre-made covers, with projected growth to thousands of covers. Musicians requested a faster, more straightforward way to find cover art. The Cover Discovery Engine (CDE) provides an easy way to select options from several categories, including Genre, Mood, Theme, Color, and Other. Then, in real-time, CDE produces a top 10 list of covers that meet your criteria, where you can select a cover to purchase or choose to show more results or start over. 

“I have purchased several covers from Cover Art Market. CAM has cool, diverse covers, now with the Cover Discovery Engine, I can find covers faster and focus more time on promotion and getting my music noticed” said Swanke, hip-hop/rap Musician. Check out Swanke’s cover and music listen here.

With music streaming services becoming the dominant platform for listening, Cover Art has never been more important for Musicians to be successful. “Similar to seeing lightning before hearing thunder in a storm, in the music streaming world, we see the cover art before we hear or even decide to play the track. Add to the fact we live in a world with short attention spans, great cover art is often the difference in your song getting played or the listener hitting the next button,” said Dave Chapman, CEO of Cover Art Market. “Now, with the release of the Cover Discovery Engine, Musicians can find the perfect cover to complement their songs and brand to generate more streams.”

About Cover Art Market

Our mission is to make Cover Art fast, easy, and affordable. We offer pre-made and custom cover art, logos, banners and ads, and other custom services for Musicians by Artists from around the world. All of our covers are delivered within forty-eight hours and meet specifications for Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, and others. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Instagram.

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