Best Practices for Selling Cover Art on CAM

Selling Cover Art has never been easier than it is with CAM. However, some tips will help. We have compiled a list of the best practices to ensure you reach your full potential with Cover Art Market.

  • Upload New Covers Consistently.  Upload new covers regularly and keep your page fresh, buyers notice. We always put your new covers at the top of your page. Recommendation: upload at least one new cover per week.

  • Promote Your Covers and Your CAM page. CAM does a lot of promotion and advertising of your covers. However, the top sellers promote their covers with posts and link their CAM page to their social account profiles. Take the time to comment, like, etc., on CAM posts; even if your cover is not featured in that post, it helps grow and expand our reach, benefiting all CAM Designers. Recommend for Instagram posts tagging CAM and using #coverartmarket in your posts.

  • High-Quality Artwork.  Good design and cover art, or even art in general, are subjective. However, high-quality artwork is quantifiable, and buyers can see the difference, especially digital art. If you are taking a picture and slapping a song title and artist name, it probably will not sell at any price. Take the time to learn new design techniques, try diversifying design styles, and understand how fonts and colors can impact the Customer or listener. We recommend offering motion as an option, as the future of cover art is animation. Follow all Cover Art Guidelines. Finally, do take the time to Add 'Song Title' and 'Artist Name' to your artwork. Customers want to see a complete album cover. The font type, size, location, and color change the vibe of the cover.

  • Deliver Orders On Time. Deliver completed covers on time following the CAM procedures, enabling a fast delivery to the buyer. The buyer can request a refund if we have not delivered the cover on time. We have many repeat buyers who repeatedly buy from only sellers that deliver on time. If you are on holiday or vacation or unavailable, email to change your status.

  • Actively Manage Your CAM Page. Take an active role in managing your CAM page. If a cover hasn't sold within 4 - 6 months, remove it, change the design, and maybe try a different font type, size, color, etc. Also, look at your price and be brutally honest. Are you competitive in price for your level of design? Then upload it as a new cover. We always put your new covers at the top of your page.

  • Practice, learn new techniques, try new things, and improve.